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Thank you for considering foster care. Fostering is an important component of giving the animals in our care the best chance for a healthy life. Foster families provide temporary care for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.


Some of the reasons animals require foster care include:


  • pregnant cats or dogs (while the shelter is a safe environment, litters born outside the shelter have a better chance of growing into healthy pets)

  • orphaned puppies or kittens

  • young puppies or kittens

  • the need for a quieter, less stressful environment to heal or rehabilitate

  • animals who need to work on confidence or social skils

  • animals who need a break from the shelter

  • to help open space in the shelter.


Depending on the circumstances, the duration of the foster period can be as little as a few days to 3 months.


CCHS will provide food or formula and any medications. You provide a space in your home and tender, loving care.


If you're interested in fostering for CCHS, you must fill out a Foster Application via the following link:

​If you'd like more information on becoming a foster, please call us at 812-446-5126. The difference you can make is priceless. Thank you!!!

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