IF you have fundraising experience that you would like to volunteer, please contact the shelter at 812-446-5126 or use our Contact Us form.

2021 Annual Mayor's Ride

We are also pleased to partner with Pet Supplies Plus in Terre Haute each month. Please check our Facebook page for these dates and for additional adoption events as they arise.

Prior to COVID-19, CCHS partnered with the Plainfield PetSmart during their National Adoption Events. Unfortunately, Petsmart canceled one of those events & changes made to the remaining events were not feasible for CCHS. We're looking forward to resuming our participation with the Plainfield PetSmart in the near future.


Plainfield PetSmart 2020 National Adoption Events:

Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2020

CANCELED by PetSmart 6/5-6/7/20 due to COVID-19

NOT ATTENDING 9/18-9/20/20

NOT ATTENDING  11/6-11/8/20

Please check the Home Page for times. We normally post them a few weeks before the adoption event!


We can always use an extra hand or two before, during and after adoption events. Making copies of paperwork, filling out info. cards, preparing kennels for transport or lending a hand at the event or shelter are very helpful. If you're interested in volunteering to assist with adoption events, please contact us!


To sustain a healthier community pet population and to raise funds for the shelter, CCHS hosts 2 vaccination clinics each year.

The 2021 Vaccination Clinics will be held

at Forest Park in the Cow Palace (Pavilion) on:

Sat., May 8,   2-4:00 pm

Sat., Sept. 18,  2-4:00 pm


Vaccinations should be updated annually. If your pet is due for shots, make sure to visit the appropriate vaccination clinic. Vaccines will be administered by a licensed veterinarian. Puppies and kittens must be at least 12 weeks old in order to receive a rabies shot, but can receive other shots if 6 weeks old.

ALL dogs must be leashed.

ALL cats must be in a carrier.

Individual Dog & Puppy Shots: 

$15 Rabies (must be 12 weeks or older)

$15 Canine Plus 5 L4 (6 weeks or older)

$15 Bordetella (6 weeks or older)

The MINI $27

2 shots: Rabies & Canine Plus 5 L4 (must be 12 weeks or older for rabies)
The WORKS $40

3 shots: Rabies, Canine Plus 5 L4 & Bordetella (must be 12 weeks or older for rabies)

Individual Cat & Kitten Shots:

$15 Rabies (must be 12 weeks old)

$15 Feline Felocell4 (6 weeks & older)

The MEOW $27 Rabies & Feline Felocell4 (Both shots)(must be 12 weeks old)

Microchips $20 Help us return your pet home safe & quickly!
Nail trims   $8

Please contact us with any questions! We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to keep your pet healthy and for supporting the Clay County Humane Society!!!

We kindly request you mask up if you're not vaccinated for Covid. Two humane societies in the Wabash Valley have had to close during Aug. due to Covid exposure. We want to prevent the same from happening to our shelter. We appreciate your consideration and cooperation.