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ALL adopters are encouraged to complete the online adoption application for the specific dog or cat you'd like to meet. CLICK on the ADOPTABLE PETS tab, in the first paragraph, then click the link provided to complete an adoption form.


1/2 Off Adoption Fees for our dog & cat moms: Ruby Red, Sarah, Waverly & Barbie (cat). 1/2 Off Adoption Fees for their babies: Wagner, AJ, Amor, Hendrix & Manatee (kitten)

CCHS Monthly Meeting Mon. 5/13/24, 6:30 pm at Brazil City Hall.

All are welcome. Please join us to find out what's going on and how you can help the canine and feline residents in our care and in our community.

SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT DAY Tues., 5/14/24 12-4 pm

The 2nd Tues. of every month, Senior Citizens (55 and older) receive 50% off the adoption fee of any cat or dog who is ready to go home.

CRUISIN' IN 4 PAWS Sat., 6/8/24 10am-4om @ Vigo Co Fairgrounds

Car Show, Live Bands, Vendors, Food Trucks, Adoptable Pets during the entire event. Proceeds benefit CCHS. There will be something for every one to enjoy! ($20 Registration fee for Cars).. For moe info., click HERE



Mon.      12-4:00 pm

Tues.      12-4:00 pm

Wed.      Closed

Thurs.    12-4:00 pm

Fri.         12-5:00 pm

Sat.        12-6:00 pm

Sun.       Closed

PLEASE READ the following about Found Pets (eff. 3/6/24)

We have been full for over a year!! We aren't the only shelter/rescue who is FULL! At the close of business on 4/13/24, we had 90 dogs and 36 cats in the facility, 126 total animals in our facility. We also had one pregnant cat in foster care, as well as 6 kittens. We have 64 dog kennels and some of them are doubled up. Due to our over capacity, we also have dogs in crates. That's not how a dog should live. Until more animals are adopted out, CCHS will ONLY be taking in animals in an emergency situation. We CANNOT take in every "stray" cat or dog. We need your help in reuniting found pets with their owner.

If you find a lost pet, please do the following:

1) take a photo

2) Share the photo on the following Facebook groups: A) Lost & Found Pets in Brazil, IN Area; B) Clay Co IN Lost and Found Pets and C) with us via a PM to our FB page. If you live close to the county line, please share with FB groups in those counties. We're always happy to post photos of found or missing pets on our Facebook page - please include a photo(s), date found or missing AND the address/cross streets where the pet was found.

3) If it's safe and you're able to contain the pet, please do. We are happy to scan any found pet for a microhip, but at this time we are not able to keep them. Many times we ask finders to hold on to the pet for a couple of days until an owner is found.

Last month, we asked a finder to hold onto a pet and share the photos with us first. They did not and insisted on bringing the dog to us. Turns out the dog lived on the same street it was found and could have been reunited the same day. Once the dog was in our care and we shared his photo to our page, several of the neighbors recognized the dog and alerted the owner. Unfortunately at that point, we were closed for the day, as well as the following day. We were ecstatic that his owner was found, but an 18 year old dog unnecessarily spent two nights with us because someone refused to follow our guidance.

One final note: Yes, we are having a new building constructed, however, it is NOT an expansion, rather a humane improvement so that we don't have to double up dogs when the outdoor temperatures are either dangerously cold or hot. The majority of our dog kennels are outdoors with only 22 inside. CCHS has not euthanized for space in a decade and we will not return to that practice, which means we can only take in as many dogs and cats as we adopt out. Our kennel space is finite and we also have limited financial resources. More kennel space, euthanizing animals or legislation will NOT solve this problem, but responsible pet ownership will. If you own a pet, be responsible. Pets are living creatures who are dependent on their human for their food, housing, health, safety and well being for the duration of their lifetime.

We are NOT taking in any animal surrenders either. Please call us FIRST, before bringing in any found pet: 812-446-5126.

Adoptable dogs
Adoptable cats


The Clay County Humane Society has proudly served the Clay County, Indiana community since 1957. Our mission is to: prevent cruelty to animals; to induce others by education and suggestion to treat animals in a kind and humane manner; to aid in the prosecution of those who violate the laws of the state and to operate and maintain an animal shelter in accordance with the foregoing purposes.

CCHS provides shelter for homeless and unwanted cats and dogs in Clay County. All animals taken into our facility are cared for until they are adopted. We do not euthanize for space. To alleveiate the number of homeless and unwanted pets, all cats and dogs are spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter.


CCHS is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.


This is ROSEMARY. She's seeking a home but until she finds one, she could use a foster. Rosemary suffers from seizures and would benefit from receiving her medication on a schedule that we aren't able to accommodate at the shelter. If this doesn't sound like a foster situation for you, perhaps fostering new or expectant mommas from delivery until the babies are weaned is more your speed. If you'd be interested in fostering Rosemary, momma cats or dogs and their babies or residents in need of medical TLC or some time off from the shelter, please complete a Foster Application, by clicking on the Foster Tab or call 812-446-5126 for more info. CCHS will provide food and any support you may need.


​​During 2023, CCHS took in 272 dogs, 14 were heart worm positive. Fortunately, ALL of those dogs received treatment while in our care through funds generously donated by individuals like you. Pictured is LOGAN one of the 2023 heart worm positive dogs. If you'd like to contribute to our heart worm treatment fund, please click on our donate button at the bottom of the page and make a note that it's for the Heartworm Treatment Fund. Thank you!

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